What To Expect During Braces Treatment?

If you’re undergoing teeth braces treatment, there must be many questions you have in your mind. Be it an adult or a child, undergoing brace treatment requires patience as it is a lengthy process, and that is why people develop a lot of doubts and questions over time.

While undergoing the teeth braces treatment, there are different stages in the whole process which every patient goes through before their braces are removed. There are two phases that are involved in the braces treatment, namely, the active phase, which involves braces and the second phase, called the retention phase, which is also known as the critical part of the process.

While going through the active part of the braces treatment, several things will happen to your teeth, including various movements to make your teeth straight and aligned. All these movements include:

  • Alignment – The first step in the teeth braces treatment is the alignment movement where your teeth are straightened onto a horseshoe-shaped wire.
  • Coordination – In this step, the upper and lower teeth are coordinated in terms of their width. The doctor makes sure that the width of both the parts is the same so that it will bite correctly.
  • Correcting the parts of “overbite and overjet” in your teeth – In this step, the horizontal, as well as the vertical overlap of your front teeth, is managed. If the front teeth are too prominent, then the dentist will perform the overjet reduction. The other case scenario is that if the dentist finds that the bite of your front teeth is very deep, then he or she will perform the overbite reduction on your teeth. These movements are necessary for them to improve the final results of your teeth.
  • Spaces are closed, and corrections are made of the bites – This step is associated with the closing and filing gaps. Also, your back teeth are shifted into their right positions. After reaching this stage, your doctor may ask you to wear elastics on your teeth.
  • Finishing and detailing – It includes checking and regulating that all the little things are in their proper positions and braces are ready to be taken off.

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What are the bits on your braces called, and what are their functions?

  1. Brackets

These are fitted to each tooth and are accommodated to a range of wires throughout your braces treatment. They also help the teeth in guiding their end position. Attaching the brackets is a very simple and painless procedure as it is not performed under the influence of anaesthesia administered with injections.

  1. Wires

They are fitted into the slots in the brackets and are held in place with a metal clip. The main purpose of attaching wires to your teeth is to ensure that the teeth move in the right direction. At the initial stage, the wires are thin and gentle so that your dentist can achieve the initial alignment of your teeth and correct crowding.

  1. Accessories

These include other small posts or loops that are placed on the wires and buttons of your teeth. They help in the movement of your teeth and guide the wire into the correct positions.

  1. Elastics

Between 2 and 6 months, patient-elastics guide your teeth to achieve the best possible results. Your doctor will attach the elastics to your teeth after the half treatment is done. 

  1. Removing the braces

It is the best bit where the braces are simply lifted off the teeth, and you feel a gentle squeeze. The leftover glue is then polished away so that the natural surface of the teeth is left.

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