What Is The Process Of Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth Whitening is one of the most effective ways to whiten the natural color of your teeth without removing the tooth surfaces. Even though it cannot completely change the color, it may necessarily lighten the existing shade. It is essential to undergo a professional teeth whitening procedure once or twice every year as that delivers optimum results in a relatively short amount of time. But it is incredibly essential to consult with an experienced dentist before undergoing this method. Overall this is an extremely safe and effective dental procedure.

At present, this dental treatment procedure has gained popularity. The best teeth whitening can be performed both at the office or home with some popular products in the market or with some professional kit from the dentist’s office. All you have to do is discuss your dentist’s expectations so that they can provide you with customized instruction. 

Undergoing a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment

After deciding to undergo a teeth whitening procedure, it is essential to select an experienced and skilled dentist who can perform the procedure flawlessly, without causing damage to your teeth. It requires skill to avoid injury to the gingival or the gum area. Additionally, you must also require some expensive equipment that may be required to prepare and complete the entire procedure. Any expert dentist may need around 60 to 90 minutes to complete the process. Following are the several standard steps that are followed while performing an in-office whitening procedure-

  • Before starting a teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will first analyze the current shade of your teeth.
  • Next, the teeth will be polished with pumice to remove the plaque layer from the tooth surface.
  • The dentist will first isolate your mouth with gauze and keep the teeth dry. However, some retractors may also be used to keep your cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the whitening solution.
  • A barrier will be placed next to the gum line to protect the remaining portion from exposure to the solution.
  • Finally, the teeth will be coated with a whitening solution on the teeth’s front surface with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as a bleaching agent. The teeth with the solution are let to rest for about 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Your teeth might be exposed to some curing light or laser light to activate the peroxide. After applying t
  • Once the desired shade is accomplished, the teeth are finally rinsed. After which a fluoride treatment is performed to fix tooth sensitivity. 
  • However, after undergoing one teeth whitening treatmentthe candidates must schedule the next session until the desired shade is accomplished.

Undergoing professional at-home teeth whitening with kits:-

If anyone chooses to undergo a teeth whitening procedure at home to avoid a costly in-office procedure, they may decide to undertake a safe teeth whitening procedure at home. However, these kits are only available from a dentist and require a dental impression to make it custom-fitted trays. These trays take around one to two weeks on average to produce the complete result. According to the dentist’s recommendations, these trays must be used for an hour a day or two for an entire week. It is never difficult to perform this procedure at home, even with some drugstore brands. This is no doubt the best teeth whitening option when you cannot afford any professional treatments.

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