What Are The Different Types Of Dental Implant and Which Are Best For Me?

If you are wondering about which are the best dental implants for me, then you are on the right page. In the below paragraphs you will find out that there are different types of dental implants and also which will suit you the best.

To find out the best dental implants in the market, you have to choose the top among the various options that are provided to you. There are more than 10,000 companies in the market which provide dental implants, but here the question arises that which company offers the best type of dental implants in the market.

While finding out which are the best dental implants, we mustn’t overlook the design, features as well as prosthetic components. For example, if our child is suffering from fever or cold, then we visit our primary care physician and take our child to a corporate hospital. Our primary care physician is the one who we have selected carefully after considering all the factors. Whenever we choose a doctor, we contemplate all the factors like the doctor’s credentials, degrees, certifications, the reputation of the clinic, the doctor’s experience, and more. Besides looking for these factors, we also cross-check with the referrals of our family and friends and also consider patients’ testimonials, recommendations, and personal visits.

In the same way, while choosing the best type of dental implants, you have to contemplate all these factors and then make a wise decision for yourself. In this digital world, it is easy to find the top doctors who provide the best quality dental implants. You can begin your research online and look for the top doctors around your vicinity first. The initial step is to visit their websites and then check the doctor’s certifications and credentials. The goodwill and reputation of the doctor, as well as the clinic, are also very important along with their practical experience. If you want the best type of dental implants, then check whether the clinic or brand you are referring to has a reputation in the market or not.

The best quality dental implants are based on the latest techniques that are practiced Transosteal or Endosteal or Subperiosteal or Zygomatic or TTPHIL implants. Endosteal two-piece implants are the most widely used dental implants and are further classified into three sub-categories:

  1. Single piece implants
  2. Two-piece implants
  3. Two-piece Cortical implants.

At Lifeberries, different types of dental implants are provided to our patients so that the best treatment could be given to them. In single-piece implants, there are various advantages such as immediate loading, no cuts or incisions, flapless procedures, no grafts, and no waiting periods as well. Immediate loading of the teeth is made possible by the single-piece basal implants as they are attached to the basal bone. However, there are also various disadvantages of single-piece implants which occur at diagnostic, prosthetic, surgical, and maintenance levels.

Dental implants have become very common over time and around the world, most of them are based on the same theme which includes screw-shaped, varying in lengths and sizes. Titanium-based implants are used as they are biocompatible with human bone. These implants are screw-shaped and hence are easily loaded into the bone and are more stable when placed as such. A successful dental implant is an effective way of attaching a mechanical joint to the teeth. Also, the technologically upgraded high-quality tools used in performing these surgeries make it a safe experience. 

Why choose us?

If you want the best dental care, Lifeberries Healthcare is the ideal place to be. At our clinic, we not only treat our patients but also listen to their concerns. We provide quality treatment at cost-effective methods along with easy installment options. We aim at offering the best services at very affordable rates so that people of every income group can enjoy the top-class treatment.

Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure so that your visit to the clinic is relaxing and comforting at the same time. For all our treatment methods, we use equipment and tools that are upgraded and technologically advanced. At Lifeberries Healthcare, you will get premium treatment with minimum pain. We are a one-stop solution to your family’s dental needs as we treat kids as well as adults.

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