What Are Main Reasons For Tooth Pain?

What Is Tooth Ache?

We can perform the essential functions of our mouth through our teeth, which are functional due to the pulp! Pulp is the innermost layer of our tooth containing nerve and blood tissues. The nerve endings present in the pulp have different tissues enabling us to perceive various sensations and feel pain in our tooth.

Toothache causes intense pain and irritation. So, the most frequent question a dentist is presented with is, “Why do my teeth hurt?”. When the nerve ending in a particular tooth is injured, it becomes one of the main reasons for tooth pain. 

Some of the most familiar reasons for tooth pain include loss of teeth, cavities or tooth infection, injury in the gum and broken teeth. Tooth pain can be of different kinds. It can be a sharp pain, dull pain, pain generalized in a particular area of the mouth or recurring pain. If you experience unanswered tooth pain that does not reduce in a day or two, you may consider visiting Lifeberries. 

Symptoms Of A Toothache

It is a bit difficult to zero in on the symptoms of a toothache at the time because toothache causes a lot of irritation and acute or severe pain. But the fact is that there are symptoms and signs indicating tooth problems creating tooth pain. They include,

  • Pain which chewing
  • The pain you feel when drinking something hot or cold.
  • Long-lasting pains.
  • Recurring sharp stingy pain.
  • Wiggling tooth
  • Fever and headache.
  • Foul breath.
  • Pus formation.

It is vital to notice these symptoms and consult a dentist as soon as possible. A lasting toothache can result in procedures like RCT or Root Canal Treatment. For more information and treatment, visit Lifeberries.

Reasons For Tooth Pain

It is vital to keep your mouth clean to keep it bacteria-free. Dentists regularly advise us to brush the teeth twice a day, floss after having a meal, reduce the intake of sweets, and various other ‘Dos and Don’ts’. 

Despite doing all that, people sometimes experience a toothache, be it acute or severe. But there are various reasons for tooth pain like,

  • Tooth infection: One of the most common toothache causes is tooth infection. No matter how many times a dentist advises us, certain people don’t even brush regularly, let alone do it twice or flossing. The food stuck between our teeth attracts bacteria that produce acids. These acids start decaying our teeth. The bacteria reach deeper in our tooth to the nerves and irritate or injure them, resulting in toothache.
  • Gum problems: When brushing or flossing our teeth, we can damage our gums if we’re not careful. Doing that can result in swollen gums, formation of pus, foul smells, etc.
  • Tooth injury or fracture: Accidents and injuries can sometimes result in broken or damaged teeth, which is one of the main reasons for a toothache. Injury or fracture can expose the innermost layer of our tooth, causing pain.
  • Damaged tooth filling: The dentist fixes our damaged or decayed teeth using tooth filling. But due to some injury or by biting too hard on something, tooth filling can come off, causing us intense pain.
  • Teeth Grinding: Sometimes, when people are under stress, they start grinding and clenching their teeth too hard, a subliminal habit called bruxism. Bruxism can start slowly wearing off layers of the tooth, exposing the innermost layer, causing pain.
  • Braces: After the braces treatment, people often experience dull and acute pain due to pressure and discomfort in the teeth. But if the pain increases too much, be sure to consult with the Orthodontist.

Your dental hygiene is of utmost importance to ensure that you live a healthy life. Consult with a dentist if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Why Choose Us?

Be it cosmetic or surgical procedure, we at Lifeberries Healthcare offer every dental service imaginable, from RCT to braces, at affordable and cost-effective prices. We help our patients maintain their oral hygiene properly with regular check-ups.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and maintain a healthy environment to provide you with the best dental healthcare possible. Our doctors and staff’s primary goal is to make our patient’s visit as quick, comfortable and relaxed as they can be. All equipment is sterilized after every procedure, and sanitization is done regularly. All the functions are performed within the protocols and regulations. 

There can be several different reasons for toothache, and instead of speculating about toothache causes, you should visit our doctors. You can also consult our experts for even the most straightforward question like “Why do my teeth hurt?” via a video consultation, at ease. So book an appointment at your earliest and relieve yourself of any pain or discomfort!

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