Ways To Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep

Do you have sore teeth and jaws when you wake up from your sleep? Did it occur to you that you might just be grinding your teeth in your sleep? It is termed bruxism, and we will help you understand how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally. The rhythmic clenching and grinding of teeth and jaw can occur at any age. It is something that you do unconsciously, mostly while asleep, but nobody can deny the possibility of doing it while being awake. So you might as well put pressure on your teeth and press them together by contracting jaw muscles while concentrating on the task you are doing.

The most asked question here becomes, how to stop grinding teeth during the day? Because it can affect your performance. People are found to do it while performing activities like lifting heavy things, driving, reading or even writing. While asleep, this is seen as rhythmic contractions.

What are teeth grinding symptoms?

You will be surprised to know the most common symptom of teeth grinding is a headache! Muscle pain, enlarged face muscles, temporomandibular joint, discomfort, ear pain, stiff neck and shoulders and sleep disorders are other symptoms of teeth grinding. In addition, abnormal wear and mobility of teeth are seen in the cases of grinding as it adversely affects them. The results can be as severe as tooth loss or fracture.

It is preferable to prevent than to cure. Hence visit your dentist today to know how to stop teeth grinding at night. Alternatively, you can visit Lifeberries Healthcare, and we can help you with ‘how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally?’.

What causes teeth grinding?

Various things, including the following, can cause bruxism-

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Depression
  • Disturbed sleep

However, there is no direct proof that supports every cause. Studies showed that people who snore or smoke and consume alcohol frequently are prone to teeth grinding. It is also seen in people with obstructive sleep apnea. Almost 70% of people clench their teeth when stressed or anxious. Thus, there could be a possible link between a stressful environment and teeth grinding habits. One answer for the question, how to stop clenching teeth can be to avoid stress.

How to avoid teeth grinding?

Following tips might be helpful if you want answers to ‘How to prevent teeth grinding?’ –

1. Splints and mouthguards

Mouthguards are a splint that helps control sleep bruxism. They cushion the area between your teeth and stop them from clashing with each other when you are deep asleep.

Custom mouthguards work best if you want a solution to ‘how to stop bruxism in sleep?’ and protect your teeth from potential damage. However, custom made mouthguards cost more than over-the-counter (OTC) ones, providing better protection.

When you customise a mouthguard, it means you adjust the thickness so that it fits perfectly to your jaw size and shape. Custom mouthguards are made from a soft material that makes them more comfortable than ready-made mouthguards. They are the ultimate answer to your question of how to stop clenching teeth!

OTC mouth guards might not be that useful for severe teeth grinding, but many people find them affordable. Thus, OTC mouthguards are more preferred and viable for finding answers to ‘how to prevent teeth clenching?’. However, custom mouthguards are more promising.

2. Reductive Coronoplasty

A dental process to reshape or level the biting surface of teeth is known as reductive coronoplasty. Bruxism can be caused by crowding of teeth, misalignment or crooked teeth. Coronoplasty is effective in these cases. In addition, an extra process known as additive coronoplasty might be performed to build the teeth.

3. Muscle exercises for tongue and jaw

You can maintain the alignment of your jaw by relaxing the face and jaw muscles. The exercises are designed to do precisely that. You can practice them at home or go to a physical therapist. It is one of the most practised solutions to how to prevent bruxism.

Following are some exercises-

  • Touch your front teeth while opening your mouth wide. It will relax the jaw.
  • Say the letter ‘N’ out loud. It prevents the top and bottom teeth from touching.
  • Loosen up the jaw muscles by gently massaging them.

You now know how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally. Though these exercises offer the best results, it would help if you consulted with your doctor.

4. Warm Compress

A warm compress can help deal with unconscious clenching or teeth. It relaxes the muscles and facilitates blood circulation in the area. While laying down, rest one side of your face on the hot pad and apply a warm compress for about 15 minutes. Then, repeat a similar procedure on the other side. It is an effective way and answer to how to stop teeth grinding at night.

5. Yoga and Meditation

Mental issues have been known to be the underlying cause of bruxism, including stress, anxiety and depression. Therefore, employ stress reduction techniques to improve mental health. For example, you can manage stress naturally by practising yoga.

You might ask how to cure teeth grinding? Well, you don’t fix it; you control it.

We mentioned various ways on how to stop teeth grinding at night above. At Lifeberries healthcare, we have handled multiple patients who came wanting an answer to ‘how to stop bruxism in sleep?’. We aim to provide the best solution and help you deal with the problem effectively. So visit Lifeberries today and get your ideal solution to how to keep from grinding teeth at night!

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