Top Reasons Why You Need Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth while during childhood was no doubt fun, because you knew that a new tooth is coming out. However, this is not the case when you are about to lose a tooth when you have grown up. There can be various reasons you might require a tooth extraction like an impacted tooth, tooth decay, periodontal, gum diseases, trauma to the tooth, tooth overcrowding, etc. But despite suffering from conditions like this, people still try to avoid this treatment procedure possibly because they are way too scared.

A dental extraction is a simple procedure where the tooth is detached from its dental socket by an oral surgeon or a dentist under local anesthesia. The following mentioned are some of the top reasons that you might need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure.

  1. Prevent tooth crowding– Teeth and jaw size are genetically obtained, which can be inherited from both the parents. People who have inherited large teeth and small-sized jaw are the ones who experience dental crowding. In rare cases, this issue turns out to be self-rectifying, and when this doesn’t happen, the only option left behind is a Tooth extraction. Additionally, this problem is also widespread among people who get braces to straighten the teeth. So, in that case, some teeth are required to have the braces aligned. However, there is something that must always be remembered that the dentists in the Lifeberries Healthcare clinic do not just remove any tooth; they extract only that tooth, which gives other teeth a straight alignment.
  2. Stop the spread of severe tooth decay– Tooth decay is the most common issue among people around the globe and the reason that they need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure. Some bacterial accumulation on the tooth surface gives rise to a condition like dental plaque and tartar that leads to tooth decay. However, if tooth decay can be spotted at an early stage, then there are chances that dentists can treat such conditions by using a dental crown. But in severe cases of tooth decay, the only option left is to extract the weak tooth because if this is left untreated, tooth decay may keep spreading to other healthy teeth.
  3. Get rid of periodontal diseases– Periodontal disease can be the other reason for tooth extraction as when it arises in your gums and other supporting teeth structures, they are likely to fall out as a result of receding gum. Unfortunately, periodontal disease cannot be cured, but its progress can be slowed either by performing a scaling and root planing procedure or by undergoing a tooth extraction procedure.
  4. Get rid of impacted tooth- Another reason for tooth extraction is an impacted tooth that can have a significant impact, especially when you have a wisdom tooth, and that does not have enough space to grow. In some cases, a wisdom tooth may be developing under one of the molars giving rise to an impacted tooth condition. Now this gives rise to severe pain because the tooth beneath usually starts pushing and damaging the other surrounding teeth. When such things happen, the dentist spots the impacted teeth and removes them to resolve the issue.

In conclusion, generally, a dentist usually chooses to extract a tooth only when there is no other way to protect the teeth. Typically the tooth extraction cost widely depends on some factors like the anesthesia used or the severity of impacted tooth.

Usually, tooth extraction is a safe procedure, but dentists cannot wholly ignore the chances of some complications. After tooth extractionpeople may experience a blood clot in the socket or a hole in the bone from where the tooth has been extracted.

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