The Pros And Cons Of Teeth Veeners

Dental veneers are a thin, tooth-colored porcelain film that is attached to the natural teeth. This dental treatment is an easy way to address a variety of physical and aesthetic dental issues as these porcelain layers are permanent, and it is ideal for anyone unwilling to go through orthodontic treatment to rectify small chips, breaks, and cracks. The best part is this is a painless procedure. It is always recommended to get a clear idea of the pros and cons related to the method.

Dental veneer in a nutshell

A dental veneer is more like a permanent clip-on for teeth, which looks like natural teeth. They have a narrow base where the tooth meets the gum and wide at the sharp end of the tooth. Almost all the veneer variants are customized to match the shape, color, and contour of individual teeth. The best part about using teeth veneers for dental restoration is that it completely blends with the rest of the teeth. Even though the veneers are flimsy, it’s sturdy and sits on the tooth surface without increasing the tooth’s thickness. They are mostly composed of natural colored material like composite resin or porcelain or other similar material that can easily blend with the rest of the teeth.

Pros of Teeth Veneers:-

  1. Realistic appearance- The porcelain dental veneers are highly preferred as it has an extreme optic property. Porcelain is a ceramic material that has many similar features to the teeth’s natural covering or enamel which brings a natural and realistic effect.
  2. Stain-resistance- Porcelain dental veneers have some glass-like appearance that has an extremely smooth surface, but it is very resistant to permanent stains of coffee, wine, or even cigarette
  3. Durability-Teeth veneers are quite durable and last for about 15 years compared to that of a plastic or composite veneer.
  4. Color versatility- The color of porcelain veneers can be picked based on your requirement to make your teeth appear whiter.
  5. Ease of shaping- The porcelain veneers do not require extensive shaping before undergoing this procedure.
  6. Enhanced appearance- Porcelain veneers are the best veneers as that helps an individual to rectify dental issues like crooked, discolored magically, or have small gaps between them.

Cons of Teeth Veneers :-

  1. Artificiality– Although they look realistic, porcelain teeth veneers are artificial layers on the teeth surface, which may be a problem for people who wants a more natural solution to dental issues.
  2. High cost- The porcelain veneers for teeth are quite expensive. Now, this cost gets multiplied with the number to the teeth that need veneering. So it becomes a very costly investment.
  3. Fragility– Even though the porcelain veneers for teeth are robust, they may break or chip while eating hard, but replacing surfaces can become an expensive endeavor.
  4. Permanent solution- The worst part about undergoing a veneer process is that there is no going back once you undergo this procedure.
  5. Teeth sensitivity- Since the veneering entails scraping out the tooth enamel, there are chances for patients to suffer from tooth sensitivity while having too hot or cold foods.
  6. You may not be the ideal candidate- In case you have an unhealthy teeth condition like weakened teeth or an adequate amount of existing enamel on the tooth surface, you may face difficulty in teeth clenching.

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