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Teeth braces are devices used to correct crowded or crooked teeth, or a misaligned jaw. dental treatment – now at a special offer from Lifeberries Healthcare.

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Do you need Teeth braces?

    When people think of braces, many think about using braces for correcting crooked teeth to get a straighter smile. Yes, it’s true that braces can straighten your smile for a better appearance, but the benefits of braces go far beyond this. Braces can actually improve your oral and overall health in a number of other ways.

    • Teeth braces can reduce tooth decay and gum disease.
    • It can eliminate your bad harmful habits like chewing on pencils, thumb sucking and biting your lips.
    • By getting your teeth into proper alignment, your dental health can reduce problems that you have experienced in the past with digestion and eating.

    Strong, stable and aligned, tooth braces will give you the feel, fit and function of a natural tooth

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    Strong, stable and aligned, tooth braces will give you the feel, fit and function of a natural tooth

    Dental problems? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Teeth Braces In Viman Nagar, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    frequently Asked Questions

    Dental braces are appliances used to correct misaligned teeth. The ideal age for braces treatment would be around 11 to 14 years of age, as the jaw bone is still not completely formed at this age and can be molded easily. However, dental braces can be done for any age group, and adult braces are also very common, only time taken for completion of treatment may be more.

    With advanced technology, the options in dental braces have also increased many folds. For example, for minor corrections, the use of clear aligners (invisible braces) are becoming very popular. However, they are more costly than conventional braces and cannot be used for all cases.

    Teeth braces offer corrective treatment for:
    • Overcrowding of teeth
    • Spacing between teeth
    • Misalignment of the jaw causing uneven bite
    • Teeth straightening in cases of tilted teeth
    • Overbite (when upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth too much vertically), or overjet (when upper front teeth overlap lower front teeth too much horizontally)
    • Underbite
    Correction of misaligned teeth improves the aesthetic appearance of an individual, as well as helps in proper biting and chewing of food, thus improving the overall health and well-being of the individual.

    There are innumerable types of braces available today, each with its set of pros and cons. One must, however, remember that not all kinds of braces can be done for all cases. Your orthodontist would guide you about the different types of braces that could be possible in your case, and you can then choose the type of braces you want to go for, depending on budget, aesthetics and the time frame that is best suited for you.
    Below listed are the different type of braces:

    1) Clear aligners:-

    Popular removable type of dental braces. They are custom made according to your teeth and different sets are provided to you, which are changed every week or two weeks depending on your case. They are plastic-like in appearance and are very inconspicuous.

    Pros of Clear aligners:

    They are removable braces that can be removed easily while brushing, eating and drinking.

    Inconspicuous in appearance.

    The final results can be viewed digitally even before the treatment has started.

    Cons of Clear aligners:

    They will only be effective if you’re wearing your aligners for the recommended amount of time (usually for a minimum of 20 hours a day).

    It is a costly form of treatment.

    Not effective in complex cases.

    2) Metal braces:-

    They are the traditional form of braces that are used most often.

    Pros of metal braces:

    Least costly

    They can be used in most cases

    Cons of metal braces:

    The metallic appearance of the braces is not aesthetic to look at. 

    3) Ceramic braces:-

    They have the same stainless-steel wire as in the case of metal braces, but the metal brackets on teeth are replaced with ceramic or tooth-coloured brackets. 

    Another type of braces that have come up recently is self ligating braces, which now come with ceramic brackets. These self ligating braces use clips instead of elastic bands to hold the braces wire in place.

    Pros of ceramic braces:

    More aesthetic as compared to metal braces.

    Effective in treating most simple and complex cases.

    Cons of ceramic braces:

    More expensive than metal braces.

    Not as aesthetic as clear aligners.

    Proper brushing and avoiding of colour imparting foodstuff (eg. Beetroot, soft-drinks, etc) is a must, otherwise, the ceramic brackets tend to get discoloured.

    4)Lingual braces:-

    They are located in the lingual (tongue) side of your mouth and are not visible from outside.

    The pros of lingual braces:

    Very aesthetic and completely hidden from outside.

    The cons of lingual braces:

    It may take a few days or weeks for the tongue to get used to these braces.

    It requires specialized techniques and materials to work with these, and are therefore more expensive than metal or ceramic braces.

    Orthodontic treatment (dental braces) is usually a very safe procedure. However, there may be some risks involved.

    Short-term risks:-
    Braces may create small gaps between teeth, which can lead to food accumulation and plaque deposits. If these food and plaque deposits are not adequately removed by brushing and rinsing of mouth it can cause:

    • Decay in teeth 
    • Gum diseases
    • Permanent whitish stains on teeth (due to loss of minerals from enamel surface of the tooth)

    Long-term risks:-
    Long-term risks may include:

    • Chances of relapse: If the dentist’s instructions of a dentist are not followed after the removal of braces, particularly, wearing a removable appliance known as a retainer which is customized according to patients’ measurements, then there are good chances that the teeth may go back to its original misaligned position.
    • Shortened root lengths of teeth: During the movement of the teeth during braces treatment, the jaw bone also dissolves and a new jaw bone is being formed. During this process, the root length of certain teeth may become shorter giving less stability to the tooth.

    Braces apply pressure over a specific period of time to slowly move the tooth in a particular position. The shape of the jaw gradually changes to adapt to the changes taking place due to the movement of the teeth.
    Braces are made up of the following parts-

    • Brackets are small squares that are bonded directly to the front of each tooth or are attached to orthodontic bands. 
    • Orthodontic bands wrap around each tooth to provide an anchor for the brackets.
    • Spacers are fitted between the teeth. They act as separators before the orthodontic bands are placed.
    • Arch wires are attached to the brackets and help in bringing about the desired movement of the teeth.
    • Ties are small rubber rings that attach the archwire to the brackets. 
    • A buccal tube on the last tooth holds the archwire in position.
    • Ligatures (tiny rubber bands) hold the archwires to the brackets.
    • Springs may be placed on archwires in between the brackets to open or close a space.
    • Rubber bands or elastics are placed on the hooks of the brackets, in various positions between the upper and lower teeth.

    Teeth braces is a long term procedure lasting for a minimum period of 1 year. The teeth braces cost varies depending on the type of braces chosen. Generally, metal braces are the least expensive, followed by ceramic braces, then lingual braces and clear aligners are the most expensive. Most dentists accept payments in instalments since the patient has to visit the dentist every month for adjustment of the braces.

    Considering all these factors, the dentist decides the teeth braces price
    In addition to this, a patient must also consider the following while undergoing braces treatment:

    • A visit to the orthodontist (teeth braces specialist) every month.
    • Braces can be uncomfortable initially and additional visits may be required to the dentist if a particular wire, bracket or band is troubling you.
    • The thought of having metallic wires on the teeth can be discomforting to the confidence of a few individuals. Of course, certain newer braces like ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners are aesthetically more pleasing to the eye, but one must be prepared to shell out a little more amount for these braces.

    We have a team of best Dentists in Viman Nagar, Pune, dedicated to providing the best dental care. At Lifeberries Healthcare we provide painless braces treatment to children and adults alike.

    Dental braces not only align teeth in their proper position but also give a renewed smile and confidence to the patient. At Lifeberries Healthcare we make sure that the patient goes back with a happy and confident smile.

    Strong, stable and aligned, tooth braces will give you the feel, fit and function of a natural tooth

    Dental problems? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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