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    , Radiologist In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Radiologist In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Radiologist In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Who Is A Radiologist?

    Radiologist, a doctor of medicine, specializes in diagnosing injuries and treating them with the aid of medical imaging. Radiologists use advanced imaging techniques and X-Rays in order to determine the source of the injury.

    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top radiologists in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

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    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top radiologists in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

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    , Radiologist In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    frequently Asked Questions

    The radiologist is a doctor of medicine whose expertise lies in diagnosing and treating injuries with the help of medical imaging. They determine the root cause of the injury through X-Ray and other advanced imaging techniques. A radiologist differs from a radiographer because the former analyses the images while the latter handles the machinery and instruments.

    The duties of a radiologist are almost similar to those of a regular physician. They both perform diagnoses and provide the patients with a suitable treatment. But the radiologists do not work with their patients directly. Instead, radiographers operate the imaging equipment but do not provide the patients with analysis and treatment for a particular ailment. The doctors who provide the patients with therapy for non-cancerous medical conditions are called interventional radiologists.

    Interventional radiologists make use of imaging equipment and processes in order to perform surgical procedures. For example, they usually help the surgeons with keyhole surgeries in order to provide the patients with a safe surgical procedure that provides quicker and more successful results.

    Instead of larger holes that take longer to recover, the interventional radiologist makes tinier holes in your body to push a camera inside to have a better look.

    A doctor who uses radiation therapy to destroy the cancerous cells with high-intensity radiation and treat cancer is known as a radiation oncologist. Radiation therapy might treat cancer entirely or at least diminish the symptoms.

    Visit Lifeberries Healthcare and consult with Dr. Ameet Luthra if you are looking to have a diagnosis with one of the best radiologists in Pune.

    A few of the critical functions played by a radiologist include:

    • A radiologist does not coordinate with the patients directly but provides an expert consultancy to their physician in order to diagnose the ailments effectively using imaging processes like X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc. They help procure the most suitable medical therapy or surgical procedure for treating the disease or injury.
    • Treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases using radiation therapy. They use high-intensity radiation in order to destroy the cancerous cells. It often subsides the symptoms of cancer and sometimes eradicates the medical condition altogether.
    • They also help the surgeons perform minimally invasive keyhole surgeries to provide the patients with quicker and more effective treatment.
    • Correlate the diagnostic tests like X-Ray and other imaging results with other monitoring tests to provide the patients with the most effective treatment procedures.
    • Interventional radiologists are more involved in providing the proper treatment.
    • A few of the tests performed by the radiologists include X-Ray, CT Scan (Computer Tomography Scan), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), PET (Positron Emission Tomography), nuclear medicine, ultrasound, etc.
    • Manage the radiographers (medical experts who operate the diagnostic equipment) in properly examining the root cause of a medical condition or injury.

    Look for the best radiologist in Pune to properly diagnose your ailments, or contact Lifeberries Healthcare and let our experts provide you with the relevant information.

    A radiologist is one of the most integral parts of the diagnosis and treatment process for your ailments. They work hand-in-hand with your physician and other doctors to provide the patients with the most suitable treatment with the help of an accurate diagnosis.

    Your doctor might even refer to the radiologist in order to diagnose the current state of the medical condition in the middle of the treatment. A prompt appointment with the radiologist for a consultation can prove instrumental in successful treatment and recovery. Sometimes, a quick and accurate diagnosis from the radiologist proves pivoting in the life or death instances.

    If you are looking for the best radiologist in Pune, you might want to consider Lifeberries Healthcare. Dr. Ameet Luthra is regarded among the top ones in Pune.

    Every radiologist goes through intensive training and internship in order to successfully receive a board certification for medical practice. There are specialists in the field. For example, a neuroradiologist performs a brain scan to diagnose the issues.

    Here are a few criteria for selecting the top radiologist:

    • Healthcare Facility: Checking the healthcare facility in case of any doctor is necessary. A top radiologist would require the assistance of an excellent radiographer to handle the equipment and instruments. Accurate and quicker reports also need state-of-the-art machinery for X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI and other diagnostic tests.
    • Flexible Timings: Prompt diagnosis is necessary to find the root cause of an ailment on time so that the doctor can provide you with suitable treatment as soon as possible. So the timings for booking an appointment should be flexible enough so that the patients don’t have to wait for too long.
    • Turnaround Time: In order to have the best possible treatments on time, you need to have the diagnostic reports as soon as possible. So you should ask the radiologist and their staff about how soon you would have the results.

    Are you on the lookout for the best radiologist in Pune? Then visit Lifeberries Healthcare and consult with Dr Ameet Luthra, as he can provide you with the most accurate and quick diagnosis.

    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top radiologists in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

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