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    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare
    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

    What Is A Pathology Lab?

    Pathology Lab is also known as laboratory medicine or pathology lab, clinical pathology is the study of blood, urine, tissue, and other samples to diagnose and treat disease. The information that clinical pathology laboratories can provide may include electrolyte and blood clotting results, as well as blood count.

    Book an appointment at ICMR Approved Pathology Lab in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Want to visit a Pathology Lab in Pune? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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    Book an appointment at ICMR Approved Pathology Lab in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Want to visit a Pathology Lab in Pune? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    , Pathology Lab In Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    frequently Asked Questions

    A branch of medical science that analyses the origins and cause of a particular disease through surgically removed organs, blood, body fluids, etc., is called Pathology. It also involves examining the body during an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Bodily fluids like blood, plasma, etc., considered for examination consist of anatomical composition, the underlying cells and their chemical trademarks. Pathology is also a scientific study of disease processes that examine the causes, symptoms, and extent.

    Pathologists or the medical experts who practice pathology are trained to diagnose a wide array of mild to life-threatening medical conditions, including cancer, cardiac issues, HIV/AIDS, etc. For example, to diagnose if a person has cancer, the tissue samples are extracted with the help of a biopsy, and the cells in the tissue samples are examined through a microscope to determine if they are cancerous or not.

    Are you looking for the best pathology lab in Pune? Then consider Lifeberries Healthcare as we are highly appraised among the top path labs in the country.

    Here are a few tests conducted in the pathology labs:

    • Blood Sugar Test: As the name suggests, a blood sugar test is a test conducted to measure the sugar or glucose levels in the blood. It is used to diagnose diabetes in a patient’s body. If the patient already has diabetes, they can use it to check the sugar level and manage the condition. It is one of the tests that provides instant results to help you determine if you need any dietary changes or if the treatment is working.
    • Liver Function Test: A pathology test that helps the doctor diagnose any medical condition related to the liver (such as Hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, liver damage due to alcohol addiction) by measuring liver enzymes, proteins and bilirubin in your blood.
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC): Complete blood count is a pathology test that examines the blood components, including WBCs, RBCs and platelets, to diagnose medical conditions like several different infections, anaemia, various types of cancer, etc. Many Indian women suffer from an iron deficiency that can result in anaemia, so this test is significant for proper treatment.
    • Lipid Profile: Lipid profile is a pathology test concerned with your heart. It measures cholesterol, HDL and LDL, triglycerides, etc. The doctors recommend this test every 2 years to ensure perfect health.
    • Urine Analysis: Urine analysis is used to determine sugar, protein and blood in the urine to diagnose any issue with your kidney. A yearly test is recommended.
    • Thyroid Function Test: The pathology test is used to diagnose medical conditions like hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).
    • Pap Smear Test: The test is primarily for women over the age of 21 who are sexually active. It is used to diagnose cervical cancer.
    • Kidney Function Test: Urine and blood samples are taken in the kidney function tests to examine the levels of serum creatinine in order to determine if the kidneys are working properly.

    If you have been advised to undergo any of the tests mentioned above, then you’d want to consider Lifeberries Healthcare. We are one of the top 10 pathology labs in Pune that offers you the facility of home sample collection for these tests and more.

    Following are the different branches of pathology:

    • Clinic Pathology: Clinical pathology is a branch of medicine used for the diagnosis of a disease with the help of an analysis of bodily fluids, including blood, urine or cerebrospinal fluid. The sub-branches of clinical pathology include:
      • Immunopathology is used to diagnose organ-transplantation rejection, immunodeficiencies, allergies, etc.
      • Chemical pathology is a branch of clinical pathology that concerns analysing bodily fluids like blood and urine (especially plasma and blood serum).
      • Haematology is the diagnosis of blood diseases.
    • Molecular Pathology: It is a field of medicine that examines a disease at a molecular level. It includes a combination of clinical pathology, molecular biology, biochemistry, anatomical pathology, etc.
    • Anatomical Pathology: Anatomical pathology is a branch of medicine that examines the surgical sample collected from the body to determine the presence of a particular disease. One of the examples is a biopsy, which is used for the diagnosis of cancer.

    If you are searching for pathlabs in Pune, you might want to contact Lifeberries Healthcare. Our team is committed to providing every patient with a smooth testing experience and an accurate and on-time report.

    Book an appointment at ICMR Approved Pathology Lab in Pune at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Want to visit a Pathology Lab in Pune? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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