List Of Bad Foods For Your Teeth

Healthy and unhealthy food for teeth

If you are what you eat, your teeth and gums are no exception. You are not only fuelling yourself when you drink and consume food that is bad for your teeth; you are also feeding the bacteria in your mouth that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque is a thin, sticky coating of bacteria undetectable to the naked eye.

Acids are formed when you consume food bad for your teeth, such as sugars or starches. They interact with the plaque and lead to other dental problems. After you have finished eating, these acidic foods that are bad for your teeth can cause a lot of damage. Repeated assaults may wear away the hard enamel on the surface of teeth. Tooth decay develops as a result of this. Plaque bacteria also causes an inflammatory reaction. The gums, bones, and other supporting components of your teeth deteriorate as a result.

Some foods are known to promote tooth decay. However, other foods can aid in the prevention of plaque formation. So what can you do to keep plaque from wreaking havoc on your teeth and gums? Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and seeing a dentist regularly, aim to avoid or restrict food that is bad for your teeth list. Here are some good and bad foods for teeth.

Sour Candies
It should not be surprising that sugar is bad for your teeth. However, sour candy includes a greater variety of acids, the worst food for children’s teeth. Furthermore, because they are chewy, they stay in your teeth for a longer period, increasing the risk of decay. If you seek something sweet, try a square of chocolate, which you can chew fast and simply wash away.

We all know that consuming alcohol and carbonated drinks are bad for your teeth. But did you know that drinking causes your mouth to dry out? Saliva is needed to keep our teeth healthy, and a dry mouth lacks it. Saliva wipes away food particles and keeps food from adhering to your teeth. It even aids in the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral diseases in their early stages. So drink plenty of water and utilise fluoride rinses and oral hydration treatments to keep your mouth moisturised.

Carbonated Drinks
Even though the container says “diet,” we all know that soda or pop provides no benefit. So, what’s the worst drink for your teeth? It is soda. Consuming huge amounts of carbonated diet soda is as bad for your teeth as taking methamphetamine or crack cocaine. In addition, plaque can create more acid, which attacks the tooth enamel when carbonated drinks are consumed. So, if you drink soda all day, your teeth will be coated with acid.

Potato Chips
For many of us, the crunch of a potato chip is perpetually gratifying. But, unfortunately, they are high in starch, which converts to sugar and gets stuck in and between the teeth, feeding plaque bacteria. In addition, the acid produced by the chips lingers and lasts a long time since we rarely consume just one. That is why chips are considered one of the 10 worst foods for your teeth. Floss to remove the trapped particles after you have devoured a bag.

Acid (usually supplied by vinegar) is required for the pickling process. It’s what gives pickles their sour, salty flavour, as well as making pickles bad for your teeth. Pickles were the solid food most closely associated with tooth wear and tear in a study conducted in 2004 to understand the eating patterns of some teens. If you ate them more than thrice a day, your chances of wearing out your teeth increased by around 85%. However, most of us do not eat pickles very often, and a few bites now and again are unlikely to harm your oral health.

Wine is one of the unhealthy foods for teeth. Acidic substances found in white and red wine cause enamel to erode. Tannins in red wine can dry out your mouth and discolour your teeth, and hence it is on the list of foods bad for your teeth. Before consuming wine, clean your teeth. A 30-minute delay between brushing your teeth and consuming wine is also beneficial.

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for your teeth and consuming too many sugary drinks leads to tooth decay. Acids in carbonated soft drinks appear to be much more harmful to teeth than sugar, which is less well-known. What’s the bottom line? Even sugar-free diet drinks with citric and phosphoric acid, such as diet Coke and diet Pepsi, will erode enamel if taken in significant amounts. If you really can not live without the soda, drink it after a meal rather than sipping it throughout the day.

These are some of the foods that are bad for teeth. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the worst foods for sensitive teeth, you may contact Lifeberries Healthcare.

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