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Dentists diagnose and treat problems with a patient's teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth. Receive the highest quality dental treatments – now at a special offer from Lifeberries Healthcare.

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    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Why You Should Visit A Dentist Often?

    You may think dental check-ups are all about getting your teeth cleaned. But your dentist in Aundh does much more than polish your pearly whites when you visit. Regular dental visits are important because they allow your dentist to:-

    • Detect cavities early: Your dentist examines your teeth to find cavities while they’re still minor. The earlier you catch them, the less expensive cavities are to treat.
    • Detect early-stage oral cancer: Your dentist can check your mouth for signs of oral cancer. This is especially important if you smoke or use tobacco.
    • Review your oral hygiene. Your dentist and hygienist can help you build and maintain good dental hygiene habits.
    • Protect your overall health. Research has linked gum disease to heart disease and diabetes

    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top dentists in Aundh at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Dental problems? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

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    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top dentists in Aundh at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Dental problems? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

    Why Lifeberries Healthcare?

    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Best Dental Care

    We not only treat our patients, we also try to understand their concerns and provide them with best dental care.
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Gentle Family Dentistry

    With the use of the latest and best technology, be it for kids or adults, we make sure all the procedures are done with minimum pain.
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

    Cost Effective

    Our dental procedures are performed by expert dentists at an affordable cost with easy installment options.
    Best Dentist In Aundh, Dentist In Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare

    state of the art technology

    We provide you with state of the art ambience to make your dental visit relaxing and comfortable always.

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    frequently Asked Questions

    If you are searching for a dentist in Aundh, you can go through the checklist provided below to find the best dentist:-

    • Ask your friends for the reviews
    • Check with your family doctor or local pharmacist.
    • Contact your local or state dental society or check local and state dental societies
    • Call or visit more than one dentist before choosing one

    As you and your dentist will be long term partners, you should find someone you can be comfortable with. To find a suitable dentist as per your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

    • What are the appointment hours? Are they convenient for your schedule?
    • Is the clinic easy to get to from your work or home?
    • Is the dentist highly educated and trained?
    • What's the dentist's approach for the dentistry?
    • What type of anesthesia dentist administer to help you feel relax and comfortable during the dental treatment?

    Is information provided about all fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?
    If visiting a dental clinic:

    • Check if the clinic appears to be clean, neat, and orderly?
    • Is the dental staff professional and helpful to answer your queries?
    • Do the dentist and staff wear gloves and other protective gear during the treatment?

    If you are looking out for the best dentist in Aundh, then you should definitely consider Lifeberries Healthcare as your top priority. They select the best dentist in Aundh who is experienced, well trained and well equipped with the latest techniques. They offer the best services and treatments to patients and make them feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Hence, this makes them the best dental clinic in Aundh.

    General Dentistry:- A regular dental check-up every six months is important to maintain overall good oral health. Though many patients delay their visit to the dentist, it can later cost them high. Severe dental issues get worse with time if they remain untreated for long. With preventive dentistry, we aim to resolve dental problems at its incipient stage itself.

    X – Rays:- Radiovisiography has good points over conventional old film radiographs, which includes lesser radiation exposure and the ability to save these radiographs digitally for future cross-reference.

    Oral Surgery:- Lifeberries Healthcare takes utmost care for painless removal or extraction of teeth in case of tooth mobility, gross decay, root piece, etc. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform oral surgeries like disimpaction, surgeries to insert dental implants as per the patient’s oral health requirements.

    Periodontics (Scaling & Teeth Polishing & Treatment Of Gums):- Periodontics deals with the maintenance of all supporting tissues and bone around the teeth. Depending on the oral hygiene status of the patients, they are recommended for scaling and polishing biannually at Lifeberries Healthcare. Our Periodontists carry out surgeries like flap surgery, frenectomy, grafting, etc. We use ultrasonic Scalers to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of teeth.

    Orthodontic Treatment (Braces):- Our Orthodontists will check patients’ profile and teeth alignment. They will be advised for Full mouth and Side facial view x- rays to plan the treatment. Impressions are made to make casts of teeth. We also provide different types of braces, including Metal, Ceramic, Lingual and Invisible braces.

    Endodontics (Root canal treatment):- The anatomy of the tooth is made of 3 layers – outermost enamel, middle dentin, and innermost pulp. The pulp is an important tissue that contains blood vessels and nerve supply. A root canal treatment is done when this pulp becomes infected due to cavity, tooth fracture, resorption, etc. RCT involves the removal of the inflamed pulp, followed by cleaning/disinfecting the inside of the tooth and filling it with gutta-percha material. We use the latest equipment for Root canal treatments, which are the most successful and can last a lifetime.

    Prosthodontics (Dental Implants):- Dental Implant is the best method to replace missing teeth! Dental Implants are titanium screws or posts which are surgically inserted into the jawbone at the site of missing teeth. The bone integrates with the titanium screws. Dental implants have a high success rate and can last for a lifetime with successful results!

    Prosthodontics (Crowns, Bridges & Dentures):- When implants are not possible due to medical reasons like anatomical limitations, reduced bone height, cosmetic limitations, etc.; the patient can opt for crowns, bridges, and dentures.
    i) Crowns: With the advent of advanced technology, you can choose from a variety of crowns such as Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM), CAD-CAM crowns, Zirconium crowns, Tilite crowns etc.
    ii) Dentures: All missing teeth can be replaced with a complete denture or cast partial denture. At Lifeberries Healthcare, you can also get relining and rebasing for your dentures.
    iii) Bridges: Bridges are known to “bridge” the dental gap produced by missing teeth.

    Pedodontics (Child Dentistry):- Lifeberries Healthcare is known as the best dental clinic in Aundh for children, as they have experienced pedodontists who provide various dental services for children like:
    i) Complete dental examination,
    ii) Preventive dental treatments
    iii) Oral prophylaxis including Cleaning and Scaling
    iv) Oral Habit Counseling & Treatment
    v) Extraction or removal of the tooth,
    vi) Pulp therapy/ Root canal treatment for children.

    Cosmetic Dentistry:- Cosmetic dentistry can help you to create a healthy and beautiful smile. With teeth whitening procedures, the dentist provides you with a radiant smile! The oral health professionals can bond veneers to the anterior surface of front teeth to provide uniform shape and symmetry for teeth.
    Lifeberries Healthcare provides two options: porcelain and composite veneers. The former has more strength and is less prone to staining, which gives the natural appearance. The latter is a material of choice to repair small chips and flaws.

    If you are looking for a dentist in Aundh Pune, Lifeberries Healthcare is the best option.

    Since our clinic is equipped with world-class facilities and we have a team of the best dentists in Aundh, Lifeberries Healthcare can be your primary destination for all your dental needs. With a high tech center and the best equipment to carry out various dental treatments, as well as a rigorous center on patient safety, Lifeberries Healthcare is usually considered one of the best dental clinics in Aundh.

    Lifeberries Healthcare aims to be the best, cost-effective and accurate Healthcare provider in Diagnostics, Pathology Labs and Dental Treatments. Our goal is to be the leading Healthcare provider in India in terms of quality, accuracy and patient satisfaction making Lifeberries Healthcare the most advanced dental clinic, diagnostic center & Pathology lab in India.

    We aim to expand our Horizons at multiple locations in India and Abroad. Our constant endeavour is to provide the best dental care and Dental Treatments for National and International patients. We provide basic and advanced Dental treatments undertaken by highly experienced & skilled dentists, making us the best dental clinic.

    Lifeberries Healthcare works with the very best dentists in Aundh, Pune. Dr. Surbhi Luthra, CEO of Lifeberries Healthcare, is an M.D.S in Conservative Dental care and Endodontics and is associated with the Indian Dental Association. She is a globally recognized endodontist and is amongst the most popular dentists when it comes to smile designing for famous beauty pageants. Due to all her efforts and contribution to the field, she is often recognized as the best dentist in Aundh. She is very committed towards her work and believes in providing the best results to the patients. Along with Dr. Surbhi, there are other eminent dentists operating at Lifeberries Healthcare. Lifeberries Healthcare is proud to state that it really has connected with some of the best dentists in Aundh, Pune.

    Our primary motive is patient total satisfaction. Offering the best quality to our patients is what we believe in, and our team at Lifeberries Healthcare is devoted to giving high-quality services to our patients. There is a rigorous focus on maintaining a clean as well as secure surroundings in the clinic, and sterilize all our clinical devices after utilize to protect yourself from spreading of disease. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, making Lifeberries Healthcare one of the top dental clinics in Aundh, Pune.

    So, if you are searching for the best dental clinic in Aundh, think no further and book an appointment with us.

    Be assured that you would be consulting some of the top dentists in Aundh at Lifeberries Healthcare.

    Dental problems? Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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