Dental Tourism in Pune

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism in India is a new form of niche tourism increasingly becoming popular in the foreign countries and promoted by the Indian government and fuelled by the corporate boom in medical care. India has emerged as a popular destination of medical tourist who cross national boundaries to seek Global standards of health care treatment that is cheaper than in their home countries like US, UK and other European countries.

Dental tourism in India is a popular mass culture of travelling, where people travel to Indian subcontinent to obtain healthcare services and facilities such as medical, dental treatments and surgical care, whilst having the opportunity to visit tourist spots in India.

Dental tourism also called dental vacations or commonly known as dental holidays in Europe is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals travelling outside their local healthcare systems for affordable dental care, dental treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery or dental procedures and travelling and may be accompanied by a vacation.

Dental tourism is growing worldwide as the world becomes ever more interdependent and competitive, technique, material, and technological advances spread rapidly, allowing providers in India to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared to their peers in the developed world.

Steep costs for the treatment is one major factor to obtain cross country dental care, where in the Western and European countries charges are double even to 6-7 times more compare to the Asian countries. With an idea of saving thousands of dollars and the quality at par with the international standards, tourists are preferring Dental Treatments in Pune, India. Few patients are in a state of not affording their dental treatment and choose to cross borders in search of care. Dental treatment is very expensive in most of the Western countries compared to this fraction of the world.

Many countries are offering discounted dental surgeries and dental treatments worldwide. India has fabulous, amazing, full of nature tourist destinations, which act as a bonus to the dental tourist visiting India for the dental treatments.

India has become the most popular dental tourism destination among the patients in USA and UK and other European countries. The world class dental clinics in India with trained dentist and specialist in Dental Implants, smile design, Crowns and Bridges, Gum Treatments, Ceramic Veneers Treatment, Orthodontic Treatments, Cosmetic Dental Treatments are some of the dental cares in India chosen as a first preference by the dental tourist from USA, UK and many other European countries.

Dental tourism in India enables international patients to save on dental treatments while exploring India.Pune is 2nd largest state of Maharashtra. It is an educational hub for Indian and foreign students. Progressing by leaps and bounds, Pune has emerged as a force to reckon with. Considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Pune has raised the bar as a tourist destination. With great other adjoining tourist destinations you can definitely plan a wonderful trip along with world class dental treatments.


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Dental Tourism in Pune

Lifeberries Healthcare assists in dental tourism in Pune. For your complete assistance and guidance, we have a team at our clinic which can assist you to have a pleasant stay. Lifeberries dental care and implant centre is one of the first class dental health service provider in Viman Nagar, Pune. Our state of the art dental health centre is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology and world-class medical equipment to provide optimal dental health to the dental tourist.

We provide the best dental care in a completely comfortable and cosy environment. This clinic has been at the forefront of dental tourism in Pune, India and providing reliable and cost-effective Dental healthcare and devoted to providing international-elegance dental remedy all underneath one roof. We are imparting specific specialities of dentistry like Endodontics, Cosmetic dentistry, Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry understanding the people and their dental needs.

LIFEBERRIES HEALTHCARE is located at less than 1 km from Pune airport which makes it extremely convenient for our patients. You can choose your stay from luxury to economic hotels located in less than 1 km from the clinic. For your complete assistance and guidance, we have a team at our clinic which can assist you to have a pleasant stay.

At LIFEBERRIES HEALTHCARE we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and take the very best care of you. We provide you with complete dental solutions. Now you can get your dental implants, crowns, smile makeover, root canals etc. at very economical package cost and enjoy the beauty of one of the greatest civilization – INDIA.


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