Precautions to Take after Getting a Tooth Filling

Precautions to take after getting a tooth filling Fillings are done to make proper cavity recovery. However, after the tooth cavity is removed, the unprotected enamel leads to more cavities. So, cavity filling leads back to the older structure of the tooth and helps protect teeth over time. Therefore, precautions after tooth filling are essential … Read more

Ceramic Braces: Pros and Cons

Ceramic braces are similar to conventional metal braces. However, their bracket colour is similar to the tooth instead of the metal wires, silver and grey colour. Most people prefer ceramic braces over metal ones because it is less pronounced and gets camouflaged. It is the best option for the conscious people who want braces but … Read more

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

Many people find dental cleaning procedures to be scarring. The occasional jaw discomfort, prodding, and strange noises can make it even understanding. However, the teeth cleaning procedure is a simple and painless treatment. Your fear can be significantly reduced if you know what exactly happens during the teeth cleaning procedure. It is always recommended to … Read more

7 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Here are seven of the common pediatric dental problems, along with ways to help them: Tooth decay Children are not experts in brushing and flossing their teeth properly without guidance. Moreover, consuming loads of sugar-loaded items further increases the chances of teeth problems in infants. Tooth decay is caused due to accumulation of sticky plaque … Read more

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