7 Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Here are seven of the common pediatric dental problems, along with ways to help them: Tooth decay Children are not experts in brushing and flossing their teeth properly without guidance. Moreover, consuming loads of sugar-loaded items further increases the chances of teeth problems in infants. Tooth decay is caused due to accumulation of sticky plaque … Read more

Can Gum Disease Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease?

Gum disease is an oral condition which affects nearly 20 to 50% of the population. In addition, several studies have found a connection between gum disease and heart disease, making gum diseases a matter of concern. Initially, gum disease begins with slight redness and inflammation of the gingiva or gums, a condition known as gingivitis. … Read more

Ignorance Of Dental Health

What Will Happen If You Ignore Tooth Pain? Toothaches are a common problem and are mostly accompanied by sleepless nights or going without food for a while. Generally, you can make this excruciating pain disappear by having ice creams, applying ice packs or taking medications. The pain may be caused as a result of food … Read more

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting a Dental Implant

If you are thinking of getting permanent denture implants to replace a missing tooth, think carefully, as it can be a significant decision concerning oral health. Denture implants help permanently restore your appearance with minimal maintenance and provide you with a perfect smile. So if you are wondering whether getting dentures is suitable for you … Read more

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