All You Need To Know About Dental Crown

tooth crown is a tooth-like cap that is generally placed over a tooth and is used to cover the tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and also improve its appearance. A tooth can be classified into two major parts- the crown and root, where the crown is referred to as the visible part of the tooth. In the dental crown treatment procedure, the dental cap is restored on the outside (visible) part of the tooth to cover it entirely or partially.

When do you need a dental crown procedure?

Several situations need the restoration of the teeth by using a dental crown. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below-

  1. Large Filling If you have a fractured tooth or a cavity in your tooth and all of these have affected half the tooth width, then it is essential to cover the tooth with a crown. The tooth crown can replace the extensive dental filling as it portrays the symptoms of cracks enclosing the filling area.
  2. Root canal – Generally, root canal treatment results in the formation of hollow teeth that may often result in cracking or chipping of the remaining portion of the teeth. People suffering from such conditions may need an immediate back up to protect the teeth by using a tooth crown, which usually prevents it from further fracture.
  3. Cracked tooth syndrome – This is another dental issue caused by the internal split of a tooth, which typically gives rise to severe pain while chewing the food. In this situation, only a dental crown will be able to hold back the teeth together and will also redistribute stress evenly over the teeth. 
  4. Wearied out teeth and undesired teeth appearance- Some people may suffer from brittle or weak teeth as a result of acid erosion from an acidic diet or gastrointestinal acid reflux. This condition may also wear off the teeth. In some instances, people may want to get rid of the teeth gaps or change the shape and color of the teeth. So such people can restore their teeth’ appearance by undergoing a tooth crown treatment.

Types of dental crowns available:-

Crowns are generally made up of various kinds of materials including-

  • Precious metal-bonded with porcelain
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Gold-alloy


Before beginning with the dental crown treatment, it is essential to administer local anesthesia to the area of medicine so that the patients do not feel any pain. In case the tooth is fractured or has undergone a root canal treatment, it is essential to hold the crown to its place. A build-up is provided with a dental filling for restoring the fractured part of the tooth. Finally, the tooth is scraped off slightly to make sufficient space for the crown. A 3-dimensional impression is prepared for the tooth, and then the exact shade is identified.

In the next step, the temporary dental crown is outfitted with some acrylic or resin-like material from the mold of the natural tooth. This temporary crown is attached steadily until the next session. The temporary tooth crown is positioned on the teeth before receiving the final crown from the dental lab.

When you visit the second session, the permanent crown is finally fixed after a couple of few weeks. At this time, the treatment area is numbed again to remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one by making the required adjustments.

Tooth crown cost:-

The dental crown cost mostly varies depending on the type of material used, the expertise and skills of the dentist, the location of the clinic, etc. However, if you have any insurance, then it will be able to cover some specific part of the total treatment procedure.

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